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  Nerite Snails Olive (10 per order)
Nerite (algae-eating) Snails

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You won't believe the results until you see with your own eyes !!! Nerite Snails are a perfect natural way to control algae! They will not eat your plants, are easy to maintain, are very hardy, and have a life span of about a year. They will thrive in freshwater, but, will not reproduce and multiply in freshwater, they require brackish water for breeding. Most of our Nerite snails are a plain brown with small white splotches or very subtle stripes.

Aquarium set-up:
Minimum water capacity of five gallons
Keep Rocks/driftwood and vegetation in the tank hosting Nerite Snail.
Give ample space to Nerite Snail to hide and to search for food.
Stocking:Keep one Nerite Snail per 2.50 gallons of aquarium water.
Temperature of water:Maintain the temperature of your tank water between seventy-five and eighty-four degrees Fahrenheit.
pH of water: 6.00 to 8.50.
Aquarium disposition:Owing to its small size, Nerite Snail does not disturb vegetation in your aquarium. Do not keep aggressive invertebrates or aggressive fish with the nerite snail as these animals may eat the snail.
Feeding & Nutrition:

Diet:Nerite Snail is Herbivorous in feeding habit.
Food content:Nerite Snail eats phytoplankton, especially algae, Cyanobacteria, Diatoms, Film Algae and vegetable bits.
Supplement the food of Nerite Snail with the small bits or the flakes of cucumber, blanched spinach and lettuce, and corgette.
Add Calcium as dietary supplements for the shell growth of Nerite Snail.

Introducing/acclimating them to your aquarium:
When receiving an order of freshwater Nerite snails, they will be in a dormant stage upon
arrival. Slowly acclimate them to your aquarium water. Losses will most often not happen or be
at a minimum if you do this properly. It may take up to 24 hours before all the snails begin to
move about, so be patient. When adding them to the tank, after equalizing the temp in the bag to the aquarium temp. Try placing them right side-up. It is a fact, that, they can't turn themselves right side-up. Thus, they will perish.
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  2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
Nerite's are the Bomb ! November 24, 2014
Reviewer: Craig Woodhull from LANCASTER, CA United States  
Keep reading it is all true.I thought my plants were messed up, 'til one of these guys finished with it. Like new. I liked the eggs as my blue rams loved eating them. The main thing is no algae ANYWHERE. Well worth the price, even if I do have to order more every few mos.(Discus tank
bound to miss two or three doing water changes)
Just got a larger tank, sooo more Nerites.

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  2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
Complaint that nerites lay eggs February 1, 2013
Reviewer: JPS from VA  
It is amazing to me that people like the poster who complains that nerites must be "A-sexual" because they lay eggs all over the place manage to keep ANYTHING alive.  If you take five minutes to do a little research on the animal you are going to purchase you will find out that Nerites can't reproduce in freshwater but that they will lay eggs.  Sheeeesh.

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  3 of 3 people found the following review helpful:
Got algae? Get these snails May 31, 2012
Reviewer: richard christiansen from Atlantic Highlands, NJ United States  
I'v had these snails over a year and they are, by far, the best cleaners ever. Always had some algae now I never do. Snails are long lasting and do grow only a little bit. Six stars if I could.

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  2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:
happy snails! June 22, 2011
Reviewer: Arlen from Canada  
I ordered two and received six! No complaints - thank you!! They arrived alive and in good health and are busy at work cleaning my tanks. Thanks!!

Was this review helpful to you?

  3 of 7 people found the following review helpful:
Great cleaners AND EGG LAYERS! December 21, 2010
Reviewer: Dar from Indianapolis  
These snails definitely do their job. My tank looks great but I'm quite disappointed in the fact that they told me the snails wouldn't mate in freshwater. Well, if they don't mate, they must be A-sexual because I have white little eggs all over my tank and live plants. Now I have to continually clean these up. DISAPPOINTED.

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