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LG24007   Little Giant Replacement O-Ring for all MDQ-SC Models
LG80059   Little Giant Replacement Shaft for Model 2MDQ-SC
LG80057   Little Giant Replacement Shaft for Model 3 & 4MDQ-SC
LG21077   Little Giant Replacement Thrust Washer for all MDQ-SC Models
LG82012   Little Giant Replacement Volute for Model 2-3-4 MDQX-SC
LG80079   Little Giant Replacement Volute for Model 2MDQ-SC
LG81203   Little Giant Replacement Volute for Model 3MDQ-SC
LG82010   Little Giant Replacement Volute for Model 4MDQ-SC
Lotus17   Little Green House
HPOLISU   LITTLE SUE (S) Hardy Water Lily (Peach)
678617000371   Littorela uniflora
LSS02   Livestock Shipping Box
mar027   LIZARD'S TAIL (Saururus cernuus) Hardy Marginal Plant (Qty of 6)
bp115   Lloydiella (Lysimachia nummularia)
BP97   Lloydiella, Golden (Lysimachia nummularia var. 'Aurea')
678617000685   Lobelia Cardinalis 'Mini'
Lotus18   Long-Petal Peach-Red
CVLPREF   Low Profile Reflector
HWP13   LUCIANA A.K.A. 'PINK BEAUTY' (M) Hardy Water Lily (Pink)
678617000388   Ludwigia guinea (Ludwigia senegalensis)
678617000401   Ludwigia inclinata "Crystal"
678617000395   Ludwigia inclinata "Curly"
bp57   Ludwigia inclinata var. verticillata 'Cuba'
bp113   Ludwigia ovalis
bp27   Ludwigia Peruensis (Ludwigia peruensis aka Ludwigia glandulosa)
sur009   LUDWIGIA SEDIOIDES (Ludwigia sedioides)
bp19   Ludwigia, Broad Leaf (Ludwigia repens)
bp21   Ludwigia, Narrow Leaf (Ludwigia palustris)
bp23   Ludwigia, Needle Leaf (Ludwigia arcuata)
ss902523   Lumatek 150W - 175W - 250W HQI Electronic Dimmable Ballast 120/240 Volt
ss902527   Lumatek 250W - 250W HQI- 400W Super Lumens Electronic Dimmable Ballast 120/240 Volt
ss902501   Lumatek Electronic Dimmable/Multi-Wattage Ballast
ss902500   Lumatek Electronic Remote Ballast
ss902535   Lumatek Electronic Remote Ballast 1000 Watt
ss902562   Lumatek Electronic Remote Ballast 1000W 120/240 Volt Dimmable with Super Lumens Feature
ss902520   Lumatek Electronic Remote Ballast 250 Watt
ss902525   Lumatek Electronic Remote Ballast 400 Watt
LBADC   Lumen Blaster Apex Dimming Cable
LBPUV   Lumen Blaster Pure UV
LBSMK   Lumen Blaster Suspension Mounting Kit
LBTFSMK   Lumen Blaster Two Fixture Suspension Mounting Kit
CVLBMINI   Lumen Bright Mini Reflector 16"x16"x7"
CVLBMINIW   Lumen Bright Mini Wide Reflector 16"x16"x7"
SS904328   Lumen Max 2 Single Ended Mogul Base Reflector
SS904330   Lumen Max 3 Reflector 150 Watt
SS904335   Lumen Max 3 Reflector 250 Watt
SS360050   Lumen Max 3 UV Protected Replacement Glass
ss904345   Lumen Max Elite Double Ended HQI Reflector 250 Watt
ss904355   Lumen Max Elite HIQ UV Protected Replacement Tempered Glass
ss904340   Lumen Max Elite- Mogul
lotus003   LUTEA Yellow Lotus Tubers
678617000074   Luwigia "Super red Mini"
678617000234   Lysmachia nummularia
SS728065   Mag Drive Pump Rated GPH 250
SS728070   Mag Drive Pump Rated GPH 350
SS728060   Mag Drive Pump Rated GPH 500
SS728072   Mag Drive Pump Rated GPH 700
SS728062   Mag Drive Pump Rated GPH 950
SS728061   Mag Drive Submersible or Inline Use Pumps
MAG01001   Mag Float Replacement Pad for Float 1000
MAG00361   Mag Float Replacement Pad for Float 360A Acrylic
MAG00501   Mag Float Replacement Pad for Float 500 Glass
MAG00511   Mag Float Replacement Pad for Float 510A Acrylic
MAG00100   MagFloat "MagFlip" Medium 2 in 1 Aquarium Algae Cleaner
MAG01000   MagFloat 1000 Super Glass/Acrylic Algae Magnet
MAG00125   MagFloat 125 Medium Glass Algae Magnet
MAG00130   MagFloat 130A Medium Acrylic Algae Magnet
MAG00020   MagFloat 20 Round Fishbowl Glass/Acrylic Algae Magent
MAG00030   MagFloat 30 Smal Glass Algae Magnet
MAG00350   MagFloat 350 Large Glass Algae Magnet
MAG00035   MagFloat 35A Small Acrylic Algae Magnet
MAG00360   MagFloat 360A Large Acrylic Algae Magnet
MAG00500   MagFloat 500 Extra Large Glass Algae Magnet
MAG00510   MagFloat 510A Extra Large Acrylic Algae Magnet
MAG00126   MagFloat Replacement Pad for Float 125 Glass
MAG00131   MagFloat Replacement Pad for Float 130A Acrylic
MAG00351   MagFloat Replacement Pad for Float 350 Glass
SS904815   Magnum 6" A/C Reflector Internal Block Covers
SS904820   Magnum 8" A/C Reflector Internal Block Covers
SS904520   Magnum XXXL - 6" Air-Cooled Reflector
SS904512   Magnum XXXL - 8" A/C Reflector Tempered Replacement Glass
SS904515   Magnum XXXL - 8" Air-Cooled Reflector
SS904510   Magnum XXXL 6" A/C Reflector Tempered Replacement Glass
DW801   Malaysian Driftwood
DW821   Malaysian Driftwood
SP20002   Male Push Connector 1/4"Mptx1/4" Tube
SP20000   Male Push Connector 1/8"Mptx1/4" Tube
SP20003   Male Push Elbow 1/4"Mptx1/4" Tube
HPOMAUB   MANGKALA UBOL (S) Hardy Water Lily (Peach)
LBMDS   Manual Dimming Switch
DWMB417   Manzanita branch
DWMB458   Manzanita branch
DWMB459   Manzanita branch
DWMB415   Manzanita branches
DWMS405   Manzanita Stump
DWMS407   Manzanita Stump
DWMS412   Manzanita Stump
DWMS416   Manzanita Stump
DWMS418   Manzanita stump
DWMS420   Manzanita stump
DWMS430   Manzanita Stump
DWMS441   Manzanita Stump
DWMS444   Manzanita Stump
DWMS446   Manzanita Stump
DWMS447   Manzanita Stump
DWMS449   Manzanita Stump
DWMS450   Manzanita Stump
DWMS451   Manzanita Stump
TR10   Marbled Brazillian Sword (Spathiphyllum 'Domino')(terrarium plant)
TWB11   MARGARET MARY (S) Tropical Water Lily Day Blooming (Blue)
TWW04   MARIAN STRAWN (M-L) Tropcial Water Lily-Day Blooming (White)
BK02621   Marine Aquarium Handbook by Martin Moe
BK87388   Marine Fishes Pocket Guide (soft cover)
BK08766   Marine Invertabrates Pocket Guide (soft cover)
ML50299   Marineland Aqua Timer W/24 HR Cycle
ML50478   Marineland Emperor Power Filter 280 - 280 GPH, up to 50 gallons
ML50479   Marineland Emperor Power Filter 400 - 400 GPH, up to 90 gallons
ML01374   Marineland Emperor Rite-Size Cartdrige E 4 Pack
ML01372   Marineland Emperor Rite-Size Cartridge E 2 Pack
ML90548   Marineland Giant Bamboo Plant 3' Long
ML90512   Marineland Maxi-Jet Pro 1200 Pump/Flow Pump 295/1300 GPH
ML90509   Marineland Maxi-Jet Pro 400 Pump/Flow Pump 110/500 GPH
ML90510   Marineland Maxi-Jet Pro 600 Pump/Flow Pump 160/750 GPH
ML90511   Marineland Maxi-Jet Pro 900 Pump/Flow Pump 230/1000 GPH
ML50284   Marineland Penguin Rite Size C Cartridge 6 Pack
HWW06   MARLIACEA ALBIDA (M) Hardy Water Lily (White)
mar063   MARSH MARIGOLD (Caltha paulstris) Hardy Marginal Plant (Qty of 6)
678617000609   Marsilea Angustifolia
678617000098   Marsilea crenata
678617000104   Marsilea hirsuta
mc-di-2-10   Maxcap DI Assembly Dual Stage DI Add-On Kit
mc-di-1-10   MaxCap DI Assembly Single Stage DI Add-On Kit
AQU07280   Maxi-Jet 1200 Powerhead 295 Gallons per Hour
AQU09036   Maxi-Jet 1200 Replacement Impeller
AQU07250   Maxi-Jet 400 Powerhead 110 Gallons Per Hour
AQU09033   Maxi-Jet 400 Replacement Impeller
AQU07260   Maxi-Jet 600 Powerhead 160 Gallons Per Hour
AQU09034   Maxi-Jet 600 Replacement Impeller
AQU07270   Maxi-Jet 900 Powerhead 230 Gallons per Hour
AQU09035   Maxi-Jet 900 Replacement Impeller
AQU07000   Maxi-Jet Powerhead
AQU09056   Maxi-Jet Prefilter 2 Pack
AQU09030   Maxi-Jet Replacement Impeller
AQU09021   Maxi-Jet Replacement Suction Cups 4 Pack
AQU09011   Maxi-Jet Suction Cup Support W/3 Suction Cups
MAX30032   Maxspect Celestial Spotlight Algae Growing Spectrum 35w Algae Growing Sump Light
MAX30031   Maxspect Celestial Spotlight Full Spectrum 35w RGB Full Spectrum
MAX30033   Maxspect Celestial Spotlight Super Actinic Spectrum 35w Blue Super Actinic
CV-MAX-PLED   Maxspect Mazarra P-Series MZ-P01 Complete LED Lighting System
CV-MAX-PPS   Maxspect Mazarra P-Series MZ-P03 Power Supply
CV-MAX-C   Maxspect Mazarra Suspension Kit
CV-MAX-B   Maxspect P-Series MZ-P02 Frame Mount
CV-RAZ-300   Maxspect R420R "Razor" 300watt LED Lighting Fixture (8000 Kelvin)
CV-RAZ-12010   Maxspect Razor R420R LED Light Fixture
bp29   Mayaca (Mayaca fluviatilis)
HWP09ws   MAYLA (M-L) Hardy Water Lily (Pink)
am67000   Mega Mag 1
am67100   Mega Mag 1 & 2 Plexipad
am67101   Mega Mag 1 & 2 Spare Pads
am67001   Mega Mag 2
am67002   Mega Mag 3
am67103   Mega Mag 3 Spare Pads
am67010   Mega Mag Magnetscraper
SS531135   Megachrome Blue MH150 M81
SS531140   Megachrome Blue MH250 M80
SS531120   Megachrome Coral MH150 M81
SS531127   Megachrome Coral MH250 M138
SS531125   Megachrome Coral MH250 M80
SS531130   Megachrome Coral MH400 M135
SS531100   Megachrome Marine MH150 M81
SS531110   Megachrome Marine MH250 M138
SS531105   Megachrome Marine MH250 M80
SS531115   Megachrome Marine MH400 M135
bp93   Mexican Oak Leaf (Shinnersia rivularis)
HWY06   MEXICANA (S-M) Semi-hardy Waterlily(Yellow)
IC1001K   MH 150W DE 10K Lamp
IC1401K   MH 150W DE 14K Lamp
IC2001K   MH 150W DE 20K Lamp
IC1002K   MH 175W Mogul 10K Lamp
IC2002K   MH 175W Mogul 20K Lamp
IC1003K   MH 250 10K DE Lamp
IC1403K   MH 250W DE 14K Lamp
IC2003K   MH 250W DE 20K Lamp
IC1004K   MH 250W Mogul 10K Lamp
IC1005K   MH 250W Mogul 10K Lamp
IC1404K   MH 250W Mogul 14K Lamp
IC2004K   MH 250W Mogul 20K Lamp
IC1006K   MH 400W 10K DE Lamp
IC1405K   MH 400W DE 14K Lamp
IC2005K   MH 400W DE 20K Lamp
IC1406K   MH 400W Mogul 14K Lamp
IC2006K   MH 400W Mogul 20K Lamp
UVLAQ150/DE/10K   MH150W/DE/10K
UVLAQ150/DE/14K   MH150W/DE/14K
UVLAQ150/DE/20K   MH150W/DE/20K
UVLAQ175/T15/10K   MH175/MOG/T15/10K
UVLAQ175/T15/14K   MH175/MOG/T15/14K
UVLAQ175/T15/20K   MH175/MOG/T15/20K

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