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OCE82009   Oceanic BioCube Replacement Fan for BioCube 29
OCE82008   Oceanic BioCube Replacement Fan for BioCube 8 & 14
oct-ref18   Octopus 18" Refugium 18x4x12"
oct-ref24   Octopus 24" Refugium 24x4x12"
oct-cl150   Octopus Automatic Skimmer Neck Cleaner
oct-cl200   Octopus Automatic Skimmer Neck Cleaner OCT-CL200
oct-cl250   Octopus Automatic Skimmer Neck Cleaner OCT-CL250
oct-clxp1000   Octopus Automatic Skimmer Neck Cleaner OCT-CLXP1000SSS
oct-clxs160   Octopus Automatic Skimmer Neck Cleaner OCT-CLXS160
oct-cl220   Octopus Automatic Skimmer Neck OCT-CL220
oct-br1000ss   Octopus Bio Pellet Reactor 4.7" with WB1000 pump
oct-br3000ss   Octopus Bio Pellet Reactor 4.9" with WB3000 pump
oct-br2000ss   Octopus Bio Pellet Reactor 5.9" with WB2000 pump
oct-clxp8000   Octopus Cleaner XP8000 - OCT-CLXP8000
TID80012   Octopus Coral 10-12"
TID80015   Octopus Coral 15"+
db-xs350   Octopus Diablo 12" Skimmer w/ 3 PSK1000
db-xs200   Octopus Diablo 8" Skimmer with PSK1000
db-xs250   Octopus Extreme 10" Skimmer w/ 2 PSK1000
oct-ref14   Octopus Hang on 14" Refugium
oct-brh90   Octopus Hang On Bio Pellet Reactor 3.5" 1200ml
oct-brh100   Octopus Hang On Bio Pellet Reactor 4" 1500ml
OCTBH1000   Octopus Hang On the Back Protein Skimmer 90 Gallon With External Pump
OCTRS300   Octopus Large Sump W/Filter Sock 36" x 18" x 18"
OCTRS200   Octopus Medium Sump W/Filter Sock 26" x 14" x 14"
otp-1000gt   Octopus NW 1000 Grey Threaded Pinwheel Pump
otp-2000gt   Octopus NW 2000 Grey Threaded Pinwheel Pump
otp-3000gt   Octopus NW 3000 Grey Threaded Pinwheel Pump
otp-2000nw   Octopus OTP (Thread) Needlewheel pumps 2000
otp-3000nw   Octopus OTP (Thread) Needlewheel pumps 3000
rop-1000-imp   Octopus OTP Pinwheel impeller 1000
rop-2000-imp   Octopus OTP Pinwheel impeller 2000
rop-3000-imp   Octopus OTP Pinwheel impeller 3000
otp-1000nw   Octopus OTP-1000NW Turbine Pinwheel Spindle Pump
oct-or150   Octopus Ozone Reactor 6" Chamber
misc51   Octopus Plant (Isoetes lacustris)
OCTRS100   Octopus Small Sump W/Filter Sock 18" x 12" x 14"
otp-2000   Octopus Turbine Pump Normal Spindle 500 gph
otp-3000   Octopus Turbine Pump Normal Spindle 750 gph
SOL654   Optional LED Connector (click on alternative views)
am410.06-2   OR 2500 Skimmer Pump
am410.70-2   OR 2500 Skimmer Pump
am410.72-2   OR 2500 Skimmer Pump
am410.15-3   OR 3500 Skimmer Pump
sh-ob   Orange Bee Shrimp (Caridina cantonensis sp. "Orange Bee")
TWL04   Orchid Star (M-L) Tropical Water Lily-Day Blooming (Lavender)
ORP57   ORP/C Waterproof Tester
OSI00063   OSI Marine Flake Food 11 LB. Bucket
OSI00033   OSI Marine Flake Food 2.2 LB.
OSI00073   OSI Marine Flake Food 200 GM.
OSI00013   OSI Marine Flake Food 30 gram
OSI00023   OSI Marine Flake Food 63 gram
OSI01126   OSI Marine Small Pellets 210 GM.
OSI01116   OSI Marine Small Pellets 95 gram
OSI00065   OSI Spirulina Flake Food 11 LB.
OSI00035   OSI Spirulina Flake Food 2.2 LB.
OSI00075   OSI Spirulina Flake Food 200 gram
OSI00015   OSI Spirulina Flake Food 30 gram
OSI00025   OSI Spirulina Flake Food 63 gram
PCI90010   Over the back Return Tube W/Return Nozzle 1" Hose Connection
PCI90075   Over the back Return Tube W/Return Nozzle 5/8"- 3/4" Hose Connection
am202.10   Ozone 100
am202.15   Ozone 200
am202.00   Ozone 25
am202.20   Ozone 300
am202.05   Ozone 50
am65027   Ozone Booster
PCI50150   Pacific Coast PCX-150 Replacement Impeller
PCI60150   Pacific Coast PCX-150 Replacement Volute
PCI50030   Pacific Coast PCX-30 Replacement Impeller
TR7   Palm, Bella (Chamaedorea Elegans)
TWB13   PAMELA (M-L) Tropical Water Lily Day Blooming (Blue)
PAN00100   Pan World External Pump Model 100PX 790 GPH Max Head 21 Ft.
PAN10100   Pan World External Pump Model 100PXX 1270 GPH Max Head 13 Ft.
PAN00150   Pan World External Pump Model 150PS 1100 GPH Max Head 28 Ft.
PAN00200   Pan World External Pump Model 200PS 1750 GPH Max Head 39 Ft.
PAN00250   Pan World External Pump Model 250PS 1900 GPH Max Head 45 Ft.
PAN00050   Pan World External Pump Model 50PX 590 GPH Max Head 16.5 Ft.
PAN10050   Pan World External Pump Model 50PXX 1110 GPH Max Head 13 Ft.
TWPU05   PANAMA PACIFIC (M) Tropical Water Lily-Day Blooming (Purple)
mar064   PAPYRUS, DWARF (Cyperus haspan) (Qty of 6)
mar065   PAPYRUS, GIANT (Cyperus papyrus) (Qty of 6)
mar066   PAPYRUS, MEXICAN (Cyperus giganteus) (Qty of 6)
ss748205   PAR Meter with Remote Sensor
sur011   PARROTS FEATHER DWARF (per huge bunch)
HWP11   Patio Joe (M) Hardy Water Lily (Pink)
HCPAHA   Paul Hariot (S-M) Hardy Water Lily (Changable)
HPOPEGL   Peach Glow (M) Hardy Water Lily (Peach)
Lotus19   Pekinensis Rubra
FERT6   Pellet applicator: (18")
FERT7   Pellet applicator: (24")
FERT8   Pellet applicator: (36")
FF638   Pellet Food (ChromaXtreme)(Kent)(freshwater & marine)
FF640   Pellet Food (CichlidXtreme)(Kent)(freshwater & marine)
FF641   Pellet Food (Reef Carnivore)(Kent)(freshwater & marine)
FF643   Pellet Food (Reef Herbivore)(Kent)(freshwater & marine)
misc99   Pellia Monosolenium Tenerum
bp39   Pennywort, Brazilian (Hydrocotyle Leucocephala)(6-8 stems)(8"-10" tall)
POdpw   Pennywort, Dwarf Potted (Hydrocotyle sibthorpioides)
mat20   Pennywort, Dwarf on Mat (Hydrocotyle sibthorpioides)(3x5)
mat21   Pennywort, Dwarf on Mat L (Hydrocotyle sibthorpioides)(10x10)
mat2110   Pennywort, Dwarf on Mat L (Hydrocotyle sibthorpioides)(10x20)very limited
PEN30236   Pentair 25/40 Watt Replacement UV Ballast
PEN50213   Pentair 6 Way Test Strips
PEN30781   Pentair Acrylic Algae Pad 3"x3"
PEN30782   Pentair Acrylic Algae Pad 4"x6"
PEN50108   Pentair Acrylic Scratch Remover Kit
PEN00983   Pentair Algae Scrubber W/Handle
PEN30725   Pentair Bonded Filter Pad 15' x 24" Bulk(NO FREE SHIPPING)
PEN30724   Pentair Bonded Filter Pad 24"x15"
PEN50135   Pentair Custom Flow Starter Kit
PEN50128   Pentair Custom Flow System Complete Kit
PEN30711   Pentair Digital Temp Alert Thermometer
PEN30779   Pentair Glass Algae Pad 3"x3"
PEN30780   Pentair Glass Algae Pad 4"x6"
PEN30550   Pentair Insert Elbow 1" Male Slip x 1" Hose
PEN30546   Pentair Insert Elbow 1/2" Male Slip x 1/2" Hose
PEN30565   Pentair Insert Elbow 3/4" Male Slip x 3/4" Hose
PEN30710   Pentair Little Time & Temp Digital Clock/Thermometer
PEN30214   Pentair Replacement 4 Pin Lamp Connector for all QL UV Models
PEN00091   Pentair Replacement Pad for Swivel Scrubber
PEN30215   Pentair Replacement Quartz Sleeve for QL-25 UV
PEN30216   Pentair Replacement Quartz Sleeve for QL-40 UV
PEN30142   Pentair Replacement Quartz Sleeve for QL-8/10 UV
PEN30165   Pentair Replacement UV Cap & Coupling for all QL Model UV's
PEN30035   Pentair Replacement UV Cap O-Ring fits all QL Models
PEN30833   Pentair Replacement UV Lamp 10 Watt (ALSO WORKS AS 8 WATT REPLACEMENT)
PEN30834   Pentair Replacement UV Lamp 25 Watt
PEN30835   Pentair Replacement UV Lamp 40 Watt
PEN00090   Pentair Swivel Joint Algae Scrubber
PEN50046   Pentair UV Horizontal Leg Kit
perm1   Perma-Seal (co2 cylinder to regulator seal)
HWW08   Perry's Double White (M) Hardy Water Lily (White)
HWP12   Perry's Fire Opal (M) Hardy Water Lily (Pink)
lotus007   PERRY'S GIANT SUNBURST Yellow Lotus Tubers
HWR10   Perrys Baby Red (S) Hardy Water Lily (Red)
ag900   PH EC TDS KIT
am230.05   pH 4 Test Fluid
am230.10   pH 7 Test Fluid
am230.15   pH 9 Test Fluid
AM78003   pH and mV Electrodes
pH56   pH Dual Level LCD Tester with Automatic Temperature Compensation
pH600   pH METER (Hand Held) Milwaukee pH600 (don't forget 7.01 calibration solution)
TE632   pH Pocket Tester (Milwaukee/Sharp ph51)
mi105   pH Portable Meter
MA911B-2   pH Probe: (replacement for Milwaukee SMS122)(MC122)
buff7.01c   pH7.01 (200 ml bottle)
BUFF   pH7.01 and 4.01 buffer solutions for calibrating (click here for sizes & options)
mw12   Phosphate (Low Range) Mini-Colorimeter
PS843   PHYTOSANITARY CERTIFICATE (for international plant shipments)
mar029   PICKEREL, BLUE (Pontederia cordata) Hardy Marginal Plant (qty of 6)
mar067   PICKEREL, PINK (Pontederia spp. 'Singapore Pink') (Qty of 6)
mar031   PICKEREL, WHITE (Pontederia cordata alba) Hardy Marginal Plant (Qty of 6)
ESU09502   PicStick Aqua Tongs 26"
PS00201   PikStik Classic Tongs 20" with tips
PS00361   PikStik Classic Tongs 36" with tips
PS01321   PikStik PRO Tongs 32"
TWP06   PINK CAPENSIS (M-L) Tropical Water Lily Day Blooming (Pink)
HPOPIGR   Pink Grapefruit (M-L) Hardy Water Lily (Peach)
HWP16   Pink Sunrise (M) Hardy Water Lily (Pink)
Lotus12   Pink-A-Licious
PinP.ec   PINPOINT 15 foot extension cable for the pH or the ORP/REDOX probe
PinP.acak   PINPOINT AC Adapter Kit 110 Vac
PinP.acak220   PINPOINT AC Adapter Kit 220 Vac
PinP.ccf   PINPOINT Conductivity Calibration Fluid 60 mL
PinP.conm   PINPOINT Conductivity Monitor
PinP.CaM   PINPOINT II Calcium Monitor
PinP.Camfk   PINPOINT II Calcium Monitor Fluid Kit
PinP.Cap   PINPOINT II Calcium Probe Assembly
PinP.OM   PINPOINT II Oxygen Monitor
PinP.omec   PINPOINT II Oxygen Monitor Extension Cable
PinP.ommc   PINPOINT II Oxygen Monitor Membrane Cap and Fluid Kit
PinP.op   PINPOINT II Oxygen Probe
PinP.nm   PINPOINT Nitrate Monitor
PinP.nmcf   PINPOINT Nitrate Monitor Calibration Fluids
PinP.np   PINPOINT Nitrate Probe
PinP.orpcf   PINPOINT ORP (Redox) Calibration Fluid
PinP.orpc110   PINPOINT ORP Controller 110 Vac
PinP.orpm   PINPOINT ORP Monitor
PinP.orprp   PINPOINT ORP Replacement Probe
PinP.pHc110   PINPOINT pH Controller 110 Vac
PinP.pHm   PINPOINT pH Monitor
PinP.pHrp   PINPOINT pH Replacement Probe
PinP.psf   PINPOINT Probe storage fluid for pH and ORP/REDOX Probes
PinP.rswt   PINPOINT Remote Sensor for Wireless Thermometer
PinP.scf   PINPOINT Salinity Calibration Fluid
PinP.sm   PINPOINT Salinity Monitor
PinP.tc   PINPOINT Temperature Controller
PinP.tcpa   PINPOINT Temperature Controller Probe Assembly
PinP.wt   PINPOINT Wireless Thermometer
TID90015   Pipe Organ Coral 12-15"
TID90007   Pipe Organ Coral 5-7"
AF00001   Piranha Float Cleaning Magnet
mar092   PLANTAIN RED (Plantago major rubrifolia) Hardy Marginal Plant (Qty of 6)
pr1324   PLANTED AQUARIUM "CREATION and MAINTENANCE by Christel Kasselmann
pr1326   Plastic Mesh Planting Pots & Rock Wool & Booster Tablet
SNP00032   Plastic Snapper Hose Clamp 1"

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