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PEN00091   Pentair Replacement Pad for Swivel Scrubber
PEN30215   Pentair Replacement Quartz Sleeve for QL-25 UV
PEN30216   Pentair Replacement Quartz Sleeve for QL-40 UV
PEN30142   Pentair Replacement Quartz Sleeve for QL-8/10 UV
PEN30165   Pentair Replacement UV Cap & Coupling for all QL Model UV's
PEN30035   Pentair Replacement UV Cap O-Ring fits all QL Models
PEN30833   Pentair Replacement UV Lamp 10 Watt (ALSO WORKS AS 8 WATT REPLACEMENT)
PEN30834   Pentair Replacement UV Lamp 25 Watt
PEN30835   Pentair Replacement UV Lamp 40 Watt
PEN00090   Pentair Swivel Joint Algae Scrubber
PEN50046   Pentair UV Horizontal Leg Kit
perm1   Perma-Seal (co2 cylinder to regulator seal)
HWW08   Perry's Double White (M) Hardy Water Lily (White)
HWP12   Perry's Fire Opal (M) Hardy Water Lily (Pink)
lotus007   PERRY'S GIANT SUNBURST Yellow Lotus Tubers
HWR10   Perrys Baby Red (S) Hardy Water Lily (Red)
ag900   PH EC TDS KIT
am230.05   pH 4 Test Fluid
am230.10   pH 7 Test Fluid
am230.15   pH 9 Test Fluid
AM78003   pH and mV Electrodes
pH56   pH Dual Level LCD Tester with Automatic Temperature Compensation
pH600   pH METER (Hand Held) Milwaukee pH600 (don't forget 7.01 calibration solution)
TE632   pH Pocket Tester (Milwaukee/Sharp ph51)
MA911B-2   pH Probe: (replacement for Milwaukee SMS122)(MC122)
buff7.01c   pH7.01 (200 ml bottle)
BUFF   pH7.01 and 4.01 buffer solutions for calibrating (click here for sizes & options)
mw12   Phosphate (Low Range) Mini-Colorimeter
mar029   PICKEREL, BLUE (Pontederia cordata) Hardy Marginal Plant (qty of 6)
mar067   PICKEREL, PINK (Pontederia spp. 'Singapore Pink') (Qty of 6)
mar031   PICKEREL, WHITE (Pontederia cordata alba) Hardy Marginal Plant (Qty of 6)
ESU09502   PicStick Aqua Tongs 26"
PS00201   PikStik Classic Tongs 20" with tips
PS00361   PikStik Classic Tongs 36" with tips
PS01321   PikStik PRO Tongs 32"
TWP06   PINK CAPENSIS (M-L) Tropical Water Lily Day Blooming (Pink)
Lotus24   Pink Exquisite
HPOPIGR   Pink Grapefruit (M-L) Hardy Water Lily (Peach)
HWP16   Pink Sunrise (M) Hardy Water Lily (Pink)
Lotus12   Pink-A-Licious
PinP.ec   PINPOINT 15 foot extension cable for the pH or the ORP/REDOX probe
PinP.acak   PINPOINT AC Adapter Kit 110 Vac
PinP.acak220   PINPOINT AC Adapter Kit 220 Vac
PinP.ccf   PINPOINT Conductivity Calibration Fluid 60 mL
PinP.conm   PINPOINT Conductivity Monitor
PinP.CaM   PINPOINT II Calcium Monitor
PinP.Camfk   PINPOINT II Calcium Monitor Fluid Kit
PinP.Cap   PINPOINT II Calcium Probe Assembly
PinP.OM   PINPOINT II Oxygen Monitor
PinP.omec   PINPOINT II Oxygen Monitor Extension Cable
PinP.ommc   PINPOINT II Oxygen Monitor Membrane Cap and Fluid Kit
PinP.op   PINPOINT II Oxygen Probe
PinP.nm   PINPOINT Nitrate Monitor
PinP.nmcf   PINPOINT Nitrate Monitor Calibration Fluids
PinP.np   PINPOINT Nitrate Probe
PinP.orpcf   PINPOINT ORP (Redox) Calibration Fluid
PinP.orpm   PINPOINT ORP Monitor
PinP.orprp   PINPOINT ORP Replacement Probe
PinP.orpc110   PINPOINT ORP/REDOX Controller 110 Vac (also available in 220v)
PinP.pHc110   PINPOINT pH Controller 110 Vac
PinP.pHc220   PINPOINT pH Controller 220 Vac
PinP.pHc2201   PINPOINT pH Controller 220 Vac
PinP.pHm   PINPOINT pH Monitor
PinP.pHrp   PINPOINT pH Replacement Probe
PinP.psf   PINPOINT Probe storage fluid for pH and ORP/REDOX Probes
PinP.rswt   PINPOINT Remote Sensor for Wireless Thermometer
PinP.scf   PINPOINT Salinity Calibration Fluid
PinP.sm   PINPOINT Salinity Monitor
PinP.tc   PINPOINT Temperature Controller
PinP.tcpa   PINPOINT Temperature Controller Probe Assembly
PinP.wt   PINPOINT Wireless Thermometer
TID90015   Pipe Organ Coral 12-15"
TID90007   Pipe Organ Coral 5-7"
AF00001   Piranha Float Cleaning Magnet
mar092   PLANTAIN RED (Plantago major rubrifolia) Hardy Marginal Plant (Qty of 6)
pr1324   PLANTED AQUARIUM "CREATION and MAINTENANCE by Christel Kasselmann
pr1326   Plastic Mesh Planting Pots & Rock Wool & Booster Tablet
SNP00032   Plastic Snapper Hose Clamp 1"
SNP00012   Plastic Snapper Hose Clamp 1/2"
SNP20012   Plastic Snapper Hose Clamp 1/2" Bag of 100 Pcs.
SNP00019   Plastic Snapper Hose Clamp 15/16"
SNP20019   Plastic Snapper Hose Clamp 15/16" Bag of 100 Pcs.
SNP00024   Plastic Snapper Hose Clamp 3/4"
SNP00016   Plastic Snapper Hose Clamp 5/8"
SNP20016   Plastic Snapper Hose Clamp 5/8" Bag of 100 Pcs.
SNP20032   Plastic Snapper Hose Clamps 1" Bag of 50 Pcs.
SNP20024   Plastic Snapper Hose Clamps 3/4" Bag of 100 Pcs.
TWPU15   Plum Crazy (M) Tropical Water Lily Day Blooming (Purple)
whiteblue   Pod White & Blue
678617000418   Pogostemon erectus
po64   POGOSTEMON ERECTUS (potted)nice root system
port07   Pogostemon helferi (Hellfire)(very rare: small portions)
678617000425   Pogostemon helferii
678617000241   Pogostemon stellatus (Eustralis stellata)
AM74005   Pointex
AM74006   Pointex 100 ml
POL00332   Poly Bio Marine Kold Ster-il Replacement Media Set
POL12012   Poly-Filter 12"x12"
POL04080   Poly-Filter 4"x8"
DD00004   PolypLab Reef-Roids 4 oz
DD00004-12   PolypLab Reef-Roids 4 oz Case of 12
DD00004-24   PolypLab Reef-Roids 4 oz Case of 24
CS-3482T   Polyurethane tubing: CO2 Resistant Tubing (10' length)
PB837   Pond Books (coming soon)
SEA333   Pond Prime
sea334   Pond Prime 16fl oz
snail792   Pond snails (various sizes)(price reflects 12 snails)
DAN02605   Pondmaster Plug In Ground Fault Interrupter
DAN02211   Pondmaster PM1000 Filter Kit 12" x 12"
DAN02200   Pondmaster PM2000 Filter Kit 12" x 24"
DAN02722   Pondmaster Pond-Mag 12 Pump 1200 GPH W/12' Cord
DAN02728   Pondmaster Pond-Mag 18 Pump 1800 GPH W/12' Cord
DAN02750   Pondmaster Pond-Mag 24 Pump 2400 GPH W/12' Cord
DAN02525   Pondmaster Pond-Mag 5 Pump 500 GPH W/12' Cord
DAN02527   Pondmaster Pond-Mag 7 Pump 700 GPH W/12' Cord
DAN02720   Pondmaster Pond-Mag 9.5 Pump 950 GPH W/12' Cord
DAN12203   Pondmaster Replacement Carbon Pad for PM1000 & 2000 12" x 12"
DAN12204   Pondmaster Replacement Coarse Pad for PM1000 & 2000 12" x 12"
DAN12205   Pondmaster Replacement Foam Pad for PM1000 & 2000 12" x 12"
DAN04280   Pondmaster Supreme Air Pump Model AP-100
DAN04220   Pondmaster Supreme Air Pump Model AP-20
DAN04240   Pondmaster Supreme Air Pump Model AP-40
DAN04260   Pondmaster Supreme Air Pump Model AP-60
BP707   Potamogeton gayi
BULBCF   Power Compact Fluorescent straight pin
co2ps   power supply for CarbonDoser Electronic CO2 regulator
GS31025   Powerchrome 36" 39 Watt T5 HO Lamps
GS31030   Powerchrome 48" 54 Watt T5 HO Lamps
GS31035   Powerchrome 60" 80 Watt T5 HO Lamps
HM2615e   Pre-filter cartridge-wet/dry filter 2227 and 2229 (2 pieces)
PM00001   Precision Marine Bullet 1 Protein Skimmer 150 Gallon 20" Tall
PM00002   Precision Marine Bullet 2 Protein Skimmer 250 Gallon 24" Tall
PM00003   Precision Marine Bullet 3 Protein Skimmer 400 Gallon 32" Tall
PM00610   Precision Marine Large Waste Collector
PM00410   Precision Marine Small Waste Collector
7651   Premier
EL-CALKAL   Prima Line - 01 ALKALI - 500ml
EL-CELEML   Prima Line - 02 ELEMENTS - 500ml
EL-CCARBL   Prima Line - 03 CARBONATES - 500ml
EL-CCOMBIMGL   Prima Line - 04 COMBI MG - 500 ml
EL-CCOMBICAL   Prima Line - 05 COMBI CA - 500ml
breed01   Professional Breeder Net
pr1325   Professional Plant Anchors
7661   Propel
678617000432   Proserpinaca palustris
bp107   Proserpinaca palustris
TID20010   Purple Coral 7-10"
SS1260   Purple Up: Algae Accelorator (16oz)
bp83   Purple Waffle (Hemigraphis exotica) (Not a true aquarium plant)(Qty of 6)
LBPW   Purple Wave
TWPU06   PURPLE ZANZIBAR (M-L) Tropical Water Lily Day Blooming (Purple)
SP20004   Push Ball Valve 1/4"Tubex1/4" Tube
SP20001   Push Union T 1/4" Tube
AME20677   PVC Pipe Cutter 1 5/8"
HWY07   Pygmy Mexicana (S) Semi-hardy Waterlily(Yellow)
PYT01016   Python Air Line Tubing 10 Ft.
PYT02516   Python Airline Tubing 25 Ft. (OZONE SAFE)
PYT06984   Python Brass Faucet Adapter
PYT00496   Python Brass Snap Connector
PYT10211   Python Fish Net 10" With 12" Handle
PYT10122   Python Fish Net 10" With 24" Handle
PYT52114   Python Fish Net 5" With 12" Handle
PYT51221   Python Fish Net 5" With 24" Handle
PYT82114   Python Fish Net 8" With 12" Handle
PYT81221   Python Fish Net 8" With 24" Handle
PYT01373   Python Glass Cleaner 8 OZ.
PYT24720   Python Gravel Vac Tube 24"
PYT36720   Python Gravel Vac Tube 36"
PYT48720   Python Gravel Vac Tube 48"
PYT02514   Python No Spill Clean & Fill 25 Ft.
PYT00105   Python No Spill Extension Hose 10 Ft.
PYT16316   Python Pro Clean Gravel Vac 16" W/6" Hose
PYT16324   Python Pro Clean Gravel Vac 24" W/6" Hose
PYT06163   Python Pro-Clean Gravel Vac Mini 1" x 6" W/6' Hose
PYT12163   Python Pro-Clean Gravel Vac Mini 1"x12" W/6' Hose
PYT00076   Python Replacement Male Hose Connector
PYT00133   Python Replacement Switch/Valve
TWP09   QUEEN OF SIAM (M-L) Tropical Water Lily-Day Blooming (Pink)
HWW09   Queen of Whites (M) Hardy Water Lily (White)
R200051   R2 Solutions Dual Extreme Led
R200050   R2 Solutions Extreme Led Tube 4 3/8"
R200053   R2 Solutions Moonlight Controller (Discontinued)
R200046   R2 Solutions Signature Series Moonlight 36" 18 Led
R200033   R2 Solutions Target Food Feeder
mar068   RADICAN, MARBLE QUEEN (Echinodorus cordifolius) (Qty of 6)
RDSE40020   Radim 400watt SE 20000K Bulb
RDDE15020   Radium 150watt DE 20000K Bulb
RDSE25020   Radium 250watt SE 20000K Bulb
VUERA150   Radium Double Ended Metal Halide Lamp..150 Watt 20,000K
VUERA250   Radium Single Ended Mogul Base Metal Halide Lamp 250 Watt 20,000K
VUERA400   Radium Single Ended Mogul Base Metal Halide Lamp 400 Watt 20,000K
SS510020   Radium-HRI MH1000W M83
SS510030   Radium-HRI MH250W M138
SS510040   Radium-HRI MH400W M135
678617000258   Ranunculus papualentis
SS250535   Ready Fit T5 2 ft, 24 Watts
SS250525   Ready Fit T5 4 ft, 54 Watts

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