Our Nursery
Our Nursery

AQUARIUMPLANTS.com is pleased to announce that our new "State of the Art"
growing facility is now complete !
Consisting of 30,000 gallons of growing tanks...
Our entire facility utilizes artificial lighting: When choosing the "correct" lighting
for your aquarium, don't decide based on what you read in some article or what some
salesman tells you. We use, and sell all types and brands of lighting... LED, power compact,
T-5, T-8, T-12, metal halide in our facility, so we know what to use and what NOT to use.
We receive 50 phone calls per day from aquarists
that have been misled and purchased improper lighting.
We are also the leading authority on Co2 injection, as we actually manufacture many of the
items that we sell...if your confused about the "whole co2 concept" don't hesitate to call...
we'll make certain you are successfull with your planted aquarium.
Some (but not all) of the Swords, Anubias, Crypts, etc. are grown "emerged" in most other nurseries.
The problem with this method, is that when the plants are introduced in to the aquarist's aquarium,
they "die back" as they attempt regrow, or adjust to the "submersed" conditions.

Some (but not all) of our "bunched" plants or plants that reproduce from "cuttings",
already have full root development when they leave our growing facility.
Impeccable Alternanthera reinekii ready for your aquarium !